Reed Johnson Doylestown Pa: Top 4 Service Components That Are Covered In An Audi Car Service

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Every car or vehicle requires regular maintenance and care, in order to keep the vehicle in good condition. This is due to the wear and tear that the vehicle components tend to receive over time. Every vehicle owner should be responsible to service their car; one of the easiest way, is to adhere to the recommended servicing dates and intervals. Most vehicles have a one year warranty with a 5 year service contract. This means that any service repairs and damages due to wear and tear over the next 5 years will be sponsored by the company. The vehicle owner should also send his or her car to an automobile repair shop, once every few months for checkups. Other vehicle owners may choose to service their car only when it is displaying issues; although such practices are not recommended.


Here are top components by Reed Johnson Doylestown Pa Covered in an Audi Car Service:

A check on the tires

It is a must, to check tires as they are a core component of every vehicle. Tires are in direct contact with the road or asphalt and they receive the most damage overtime, caused by friction. Tires have a lifespan of about a year, after which they will start to lose their grip. This duration may increase or decrease based on how often the vehicle is used. The car tire may also sustain punctures due to nails or rocks that can be found randomly on the road. A competent repair crew will check the tires and determine if they need a replacement. Replacing tires is admittedly a costly process but the owner should remember that safety always come first.


Inspecting the fuel tank and engine

This is another component of the vehicle that should not be ignored. The fuel tank and engine is in constant use whenever the car is powered up. A car inspector checks the car’s overall condition and looks for cracks, holes or punctures. Next, the inspector checks on the valve system and the filtration system, as well as compare it to what is expected of an engine that is in good condition. Last but not least, the exhaust system will also undergo inspection to ensure that it is not clogged.


Checking the air-conditioning system

The air-conditioning system is in constant usage and requires occasional servicing and cleaning. This is because dust and dirt accumulates speedily in the air vents and it will pose a health risk to the vehicle owner if the air-conditioning system is not cleaned enough. Allow the service crew to perform a complete cleanup of the system when the need arises, as well as ensuring that the system is in good condition.


A mechanical component inspection

This involves an inspection of a car’s moving parts and gears. This inspection is essential as the gears are grinding away constantly. The car inspector checks on the screws, holders, panels and clutches to ensure that they are securely in place. In addition, the steering wheel and shifting gear may also be inspected to ensure that they are not loose. The car inspector will definitely inform the car owner if a particular part is found to be loose, and provide advice on the best remedy.


We at Reed Johnson Doylestown Pa have a combined 30 years of dealership training and experience working on Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche vehicles in Doylestown, New Hope, Telford, Souderton, Bucks County and Montgomery County. We have also invested the time and money in all the special tools and training required to properly repair these vehicles.


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